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Help , buying process

We'll show you how easy it is to shop in 2smart


  1. Selection of goods
  2. Order a basket
  3. Search
  4. Registration and login

1. Selection of goods
Select goods you can perform using the main navigation. Menu offers you a choice of products shop offers. For more information about the selected product to display its detail by clicking on the product name or photo.
If you have an accurate idea of the product, we offer a selection of goods by filtration located above the listing of the products themselves. You can also filter products by price.
2. Order a basket
once you have chosen the goods, you can add it to the cart using the same button that is located on each product.
 In this basket you can insert other selected articles and are subsequently ordered. Information on the products in the basket are placed at the top of the page, there is a stated quantity of goods entered into the cart and the total price. Goods can be ordered immediately after insertion into the cart or ordering goods and then wait for bulk order, if you buy a larger quantity of goods. In both cases the procedure is almost the same order.
 The next step is to move the icon to view the catalog, the catalog can then determine the amount to change the amount is automatically recalculated price. If you decide to purchase, click „Next" or the icon cart "proceed to checkout „to enter the first step of the order.
The order has a total of 4 steps including the final summary order. In each step of your order can request exit and return to the cart via the button located at the bottom of the page. It is also possible to return to the previous step of the order, in case you want to edit the completed data .
Please go step by step, if you are not sure please contact us or on the telephone numbers in your contacts.
Order ends by sending a subsequent summary of your order, which will wake to your contact e - mail in the completed orders.

3. Search
you can search for a term of a minimum of 3 characters. Click on the „Search" thus magnifying glass or press Enter to list the search results according to relevance.
4. Registration and login
Buy goods on 2smart is possible without registration itself . Registering your purchase becomes even more convenient , thanks also data that the system remembers and make you and your next purchase.
To register you must fill in personal and billing information. Registration confirmation to your registered e - mail address to send a confirmation message containing your login information.
Login held after entering the e - mail and password you chose during registration. After logging is activated in your user profile accessible by clicking on your name listed on the site login link.
In case of questions please contact us at